Are you a paper ? Absolutely no , then why you let someone torn you so easily ?

Remember , you aren’t a paper to be torn apart with a single move .

You aren’t a paper . Are you ? So , why you feel or let yourself torn into million of pieces just because of someone’s move. You feel broken when your beloved deceit you (it’s obvious) but why you feel same when any of your normal acquaintance did so . Yeah , you are an emotional being . It’s alright but you must not give everyone that power to break you . You must not be so much into someone or something that it could make you shed like that . You are an intellectual in your own . You have your own perspective. Loving and to let them break you is so different . You must understand this dear . Don’t let torn you into pieces like you are a paper . Be strong and make yourself so mature that you can be able to understand this whole thing .

Feel the healing power 🧡

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