Hopes and sadness ๐Ÿ–ค

when blossoms wilt yet look beautiful
all i wish for a happy ending .
when sun says,”good bye” and
dusk charmingly says ,”Hii !”
all i wish for a serene space in my mind.
i know things will get better at least they
have to. but the entangled threads of wool
reminds me of endless mess again .
i know right that a small ant has the courage
if she is determined to do that task.
but still fears always grabs me tightly ,
more than my positivity holds me .
all i get is loneliness whenever things seem
soft and happy to me . it’s not like i’m forcing
me to be more broken but it’s true . bitter and
sad . i have no one with whom i can share all
my damn feelings. either sensual or emotional.
my mood swings . my mood busters are my own
no one is there to carry me , hold me when i
am falling apart . that’s the reason why distraction
always finds a reason to attract me .
i was used like a doormate many times .
i was used like a chewing gum and thrown
apart .
i have gotten friends who wished that i can
heal them and support them in need but they
won’t effort a single inch to calm me down.
all i have gotten is loneliness and bitterness
of this damn hypocritical world .
and so now i am alone and sad .
i can’t relax me anymore and pretend falsely .



be my happy reader ๐Ÿฅ€

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