If you think you are trying hard but still , not achieving success . Go through my words ðŸ’•

Trying , trying but still not getting
what’s that , which I’m forgetting
am I going in the right direction ?
these questions arise with objection
figuring out and chasing but still not
getting 😣😩

Yes , for sure frustration will grab you so hard because of your failure and you won’t be able to come out from that at the very moment . but at the time , when you are finally in your own control try to anticipate on what you are actually doing .

Ask yourself certain questions :
Why I’m continuously facing failures ?
What else should be added in my efforts ?
Am I focussing on the right direction ?
Am I really interested to be on that path ?

And surely , may be not soon but definitely after a certain period of time you will start getting all your answers , hence , you will find the way how to get succeed .

Attitude is very important aspect in a human life . A good and optimistic attitude leads to happy and self-satisfied life . You don’t have to study many self – help books , but firstly you need to understand and read your own attitude. You should know , how to react on a certain panick situation .

Just try to handle yourself . Time and things will be with you . Have good vibes ahead .


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