Hopes and sadness 🖤

when blossoms wilt yet look beautiful
all i wish for a happy ending .
when sun says,”good bye” and
dusk charmingly says ,”Hii !”
all i wish for a serene space in my mind.
i know things will get better at least they
have to. but the entangled threads of wool
reminds me of endless mess again .
i know right that a small ant has the courage
if she is determined to do that task.
but still fears always grabs me tightly ,
more than my positivity holds me .
all i get is loneliness whenever things seem
soft and happy to me . it’s not like i’m forcing
me to be more broken but it’s true . bitter and
sad . i have no one with whom i can share all
my damn feelings. either sensual or emotional.
my mood swings . my mood busters are my own
no one is there to carry me , hold me when i
am falling apart . that’s the reason why distraction
always finds a reason to attract me .
i was used like a doormate many times .
i was used like a chewing gum and thrown
apart .
i have gotten friends who wished that i can
heal them and support them in need but they
won’t effort a single inch to calm me down.
all i have gotten is loneliness and bitterness
of this damn hypocritical world .
and so now i am alone and sad .
i can’t relax me anymore and pretend falsely .



be my happy reader 🥀


If you think you are trying hard but still , not achieving success . Go through my words 💕

Trying , trying but still not getting
what’s that , which I’m forgetting
am I going in the right direction ?
these questions arise with objection
figuring out and chasing but still not
getting 😣😩

Yes , for sure frustration will grab you so hard because of your failure and you won’t be able to come out from that at the very moment . but at the time , when you are finally in your own control try to anticipate on what you are actually doing .

Ask yourself certain questions :
Why I’m continuously facing failures ?
What else should be added in my efforts ?
Am I focussing on the right direction ?
Am I really interested to be on that path ?

And surely , may be not soon but definitely after a certain period of time you will start getting all your answers , hence , you will find the way how to get succeed .

Attitude is very important aspect in a human life . A good and optimistic attitude leads to happy and self-satisfied life . You don’t have to study many self – help books , but firstly you need to understand and read your own attitude. You should know , how to react on a certain panick situation .

Just try to handle yourself . Time and things will be with you . Have good vibes ahead .


चाहत थी मेरी के , खैर छोड़ो :)

चाहत थी मेरी के
इक दिन वो मुझे जरूर गले लगायेगा
जोर से पुकारेगा और उम्र भर साथ
निभाएगा ।
वो रात को घर आते ही , मुझे फ़ोन
पर अपनी सारी बातें कह डालेगा ।

चाहत थी मेरी के
वो मुझे मनायेगा , मुझसे रूठेगा
मैं कभी गुमसुम हुई तो मुझे
मैं कभी रोने लगी तो बिन कुछ
कहे, मुझे जोर से गले लगायेगा ।

चाहत थी मेरी के
हम रात को छत पर साथ
बैठकर ढेर सारी बातें करेंगें
अपने सपनों से मुलाक़ात करेंगे
दिन में ही एक दूसरे के हो जाने के
सपनों में डूबकर , एक दूसरे को
याद करेंगे ।

चाहत थी मेरी के
कभी ना मिलकर भी तुमसे मैं
रोज मिल लिया करूँ ,
कभी खाली पेट सोने पर
तुम मुझे जोर से डाट लगाओ
मेरे नखरे दिखाने पर तुम
पहले मुझे चिढ़ाओ और फिर मुझे
जोर से झप्पी देकर मनाओ ।

चाहत थी मेरी के , खैर छोड़ो
ये सिर्फ चाहत ही तो थी मेरी । :\

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Are you a paper ? Absolutely no , then why you let someone torn you so easily ?

Remember , you aren’t a paper to be torn apart with a single move .

You aren’t a paper . Are you ? So , why you feel or let yourself torn into million of pieces just because of someone’s move. You feel broken when your beloved deceit you (it’s obvious) but why you feel same when any of your normal acquaintance did so . Yeah , you are an emotional being . It’s alright but you must not give everyone that power to break you . You must not be so much into someone or something that it could make you shed like that . You are an intellectual in your own . You have your own perspective. Loving and to let them break you is so different . You must understand this dear . Don’t let torn you into pieces like you are a paper . Be strong and make yourself so mature that you can be able to understand this whole thing .

Feel the healing power 🧡

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